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Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Alone, sitting, watching the rain fall,
I give my self away
to the water,
to the flames of the drops,
The darkness creeps in,
my reality is shattered
and I fall,
I fall into the dark,
into the deep,
into an illusion.
My fate has changed,
my eyes can no longer see,
yet, I give myself away.
The rain hits me,
yet, it slices through my body,
for you see, I am no longer there.
I am falling into the dark,
my illision now becoming my reality,
my eyes see, yet my body doesn't feel,
and the rain keeps falling....

-Kimberly Tasha Thompson

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Re: SWIII Mission

Joj darling, as per requested.. aku post wishlist aku
Aku baru gi beli cap star wars ngan Yoda figure kat Burger King tadi kihkihkihhh..

My must have : T-shirts (size cute2 eh)
Free Image Hosting at

My wishlist:

1- Lightsaber (the metal one with neon light, not the plastic one)
2- Illustration book
3- Action figure of Anakin/Yoda/Amidala/Mace Windu/Clone Trooper
4- Any merchandise that are cheap and kewl. i.e:

1.Image Hosted by

2.Image Hosted by

3.Image Hosted by
Anything la... From the smallest thing to the biggest so i really dont mind u buy me just about anything. Be it sticker (car sticker would be kewl hikss), organizer, keychain, mug, jar, action figures, life-size standing poster, bunting, toys sume aku nakkkkkkkk!!
I dont mind if u got them free for buying burgers or cereals.. Aku nak joj.... aku nakkk sumeee
*bodo gile kat kl nih takde merchandise langsung! Hasbro Inc pon tak wat promo. I guess i have to go hunting in singapore this weekend*
Pastu kan, kalau kau nak beli aku belated bday present, aku propose Monopoly Star Wars Collectors Edition keh darling. Plizz eh.. aku jeles ngan opismate aku, die ade satu.

Aku tak kira la kalau perasaan aku jadik tamak haloba tapi jasamu akan ku kenang hingga ke hujung dunia hiksss...
Luv u loads babe.
Miss ya sooo much *muaaahhhsss*

p/s: tak siap upload gambar lg ni esok aku sambung coz nak balik.. byers!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Dear Joj...

Just now, I buzzed my sweet darling so-called twin sister Jojie, who is now in London.
louvre: yo
jigz: pe cer?
louvre: same ol same ol
louvre: ape cer
jigz: weiiii
jigz: belikan aku star wars merchandise plizzzzzzzzzzzzz
louvre: ahhahahahahha
louvre: aku dah agak dah
louvre: kalau msg aku ni
louvre: mesti ade ape2 la tu
jigz: aku kensel la lauren kau tu
jigz: alaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
jigz: hahahha siot je
louvre: lauren apa?
jigz: laura ashley
jigz: isn't it where u work?
jigz: i forgot already
louvre: bagus la ojie
louvre: kau telah mengconvincekan aku
louvre: kenape aku patut beli star wars kau tu
louvre: sbb kau lupa mana aku keje
louvre: bagus bagus
jigz: :D
jigz: shit
jigz: isn't it laura ashley?
jigz: isn't it ...?
louvre: ok la ojie
louvre: gtg now
louvre: email aku (kalau ingat lagi aku nye email add)
louvre: dan kasi 10 alasan nape aku patut beli star wars kau
jigz: :))
jigz: demmmm
jigz: my bad :(

Shit, apa 10 alasan aku ni?
Tapi betul la die keje Laura Ashley!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Another wasted day

People were over exageratting today's date n time with those 05:05am/pm on 05/05/05. "It happens only once in ur lifetime and and bla bla bla". And the funniest thing is that people were like wishing each other for the "special" moment. Some even thought of doing something crazy or memorable today.
Yeah, then comes 06:06 on 06/06/06, then 07:07 on 07/07/07 then 08:08 on 08/08/08.
And also there are 20/05/2005 (alot of wedding on this date) and 20/06/2006 and 20/07/2005 and the list goes on.
But the thing is that, every second or even milisecond of ur life is unique.
Irregardless of the number, it is still precious for every other human being... The number might be pretty kewl but if u let the time goes by with emptiness pon tak guna gaks.

Saying so, my life is wasted today! Bangun lambat, gi keje lambat, long breakfast then comes lunch, read blogs and watever stupid stuff i can think of doing.
Going back... nak main Star Wars Monopoly. Sorang sorang pon jadik la.. Yeayyy~!! (Freak! - NOT!)

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

One of those... of me.

I should've ______________
But I didn't.
So, therefore _____________
And I surrender.

How often do you encounter this thought?
This 'thought-connector' has been a default story of my life far too many times than i could even remember.
Sometimes, quitting is more tiring than fighting.