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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dream a lill dream of you makes my heart bloom :)

I had a dream.
Such a sweet dream in such a long time.
It was surreal... but nice :)

I didn't want to wake up. I didn't want it to end.
I got really cranky in the morning, and I thought today is probably gonna be a dreadful day.

But here I am... feeling great instead.
I'd rather have it in my dream than not having it at all :)

Have a nice day, ppl!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Travel Asia: Bangkok

Back from Bangkok with my 3 fabulous mates - Jie, Ayu and Lyn.

It was a four days trip of unforgettable memories.
We went to Grand Palace, then took a crazy 7 baht busride to Khao San Road. We fell in love with the place immediately that we decided to stay there for the next two nights.

Sawadee ka...

I think this bus is older than bas no5A i rode in JB 15 years ago

Shopping marathon began soon as the sun set in. We made way to Khao San night market, went back to our hotel in Silom, get freshened up and head straight to Patpong with a tuk tuk already waiting. It was a crazy night for us, almost unbearable, but unforgettable. Enough said.

2nd day is a Chatuchak marathon day - the biggest sport event. 9am - 5pm: hazardous for people with a weak heart and small pocket.
But we did not manage to reach the finishing line. 15,000 gerai... gile ape! Plus it was bloody hot and packed in the afternoon.
Then The Calypso Ladyboys Show at night. Then a little shopping at Hard Rock Cafe, Bangkok.
Stupid taxi driver - caused us 400 baht and 15 minutes walk (or maybe more) to Shawn hotel...

The Thai version Marilyn Monroe

He's damn funny!

3rd day was a Kanchanaburi trekking day.The pickup was at 7am and we were taken with minibus to Kanchanaburi - started with an allied cemetry about 2 hours from Bangkok. Then to the war museum and the famous bridge over the River Kwai. Then we travelled by train along the death railway. We had a Thai lunch on a floating bamboo raft overlooking a river (forgot the name!). After lunch, we headed to the local elephant camp where we rode elephants and enjoy some traditional bamboo rafting before taken to a local waterfall and then returning to Bangkok by 6.30pm.
One word to describe: Breathtaking.

Waiting for the ride to the dead

His name is Sandi, and she is Enoi

Final day is the empty-your-pocket activity.

Great great fun!!

For more pics, please ask the url from me, ok gals...
Men, please... don't even bother to ask.

Oh by the way, I bought this book while I was there. It was a real deal, I tell u! Ohhh, I so lurveee buying books while on vacation.

Khao San Road is a heaven for a backpacker, and also a bookworm like me (nehhh!!). The Thais there sell used stuff by the roadside. Numerous of good books, travel guides (lonely planet), backpacks, clothes, independent records and loads of other interesting stuff.
The fruit shake is also so so yummyyy!!

I also bought The Summon by John Grisham. At first I thought of buying all novels by John Grisham that were on the rack since I already have a few on my shelf, tapi apakan daya... poket saya sudah bocor :( padahal dah bargain2 macam nak mampos... I got 4 books for 500 baht tetapi kechiwanya daku.. bila check2, hanya ada 300 baht je dalam pocketku. And 100baht was to be saved for the airport taxi fare.
Sungguh sedihhh...

Friday, May 25, 2007


I have a friend who never seem to be happy with his life, or at least that is how i perceive him. Despite of all that he has, he rarely put a smile on his face. I couldn't even remember when was the last time he was sincerely happy. He told me that he does not lead a happy life, that he is so full of burden n problems that he can't enjoy life no more.

I asked him the other day, "When was the last time you were really happy?"
He just sat there... silently.
Only later he slowly said, "This is how i am, and this is how i will be sampai bila-bila."
I don't want to offer any pity, or sympathy coz he chose to be like that.
And God's will, that's how he will be.

So hear this my friend...
We convinced ourselves life will be better once we are married, have a baby, then another.

Then we get frustrated because our children are not old enough, and all will be well when they are older.

Then we get frustrated because our children has reach adolosence and we have to deal with them. Surely we will be happier when they grow out of their teen years.

We tell ourselves that our life will be better when our spouse gets his/her act together, when we have a nicer car, when we can take a vacation, when we retire.

The turth is that there is no better time to be happy than right now.
If not, then when?
Your life will always be full of challenges. It is better to admit as much and decide to be happy despite of it all.

So enjoy every moment.
Stop waiting for a cute guy/girl to steal your heart, to lose ten pounds, to gain ten pounds, for work to begin, for your birthday, to get married, for the first or the fifteenth of the month, for your song to be played, to die, to be reborn.... before deciding to be happy.

For the longest time, it seemed that life was about to start. Real life.
But there was always some obstacle along the way, an ordeal to get through, some work to be finished, some time to be given, a bill to be paid. Then life would start.
I finally came to understand that those obstacles were life.

That point of view helped me see that there isn't any road to happiness.
Happiness IS the road.

Happiness is a voyage, not a destination.
There is no better time to be happy, than NOW!!
Live and enjoy the moment...

My dear friend,
It doesn't take much to be happy, at least a little bit of things everyday
Being happy is so easy if u know how to
Forget about getting bigger things, bigger dreams
Just be happy with all little things in life everyday
For all you know, things will turn out ok, insyaAllah

Be the first one to give a smile
Make someone's day brighter with a simple compliment... everyday
Be thankful and grateful of what u have... ur hse, ur car, ur goodlooking face
every single day...
ur daily chores... finish up small things before u even dream of big things

Sometimes we are left wit no option
sometimes we just have to take what's in front of us
You are better off than some people
Don't dream of the sky
when you can't even see the steps of your feet
I'm sorry i said that... but for once... i want to see you be actually happy
For once.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Started with love, ended with hate...

I was once told - no matter how much you love this man,
no matter how much he may love you, but if ever he lifts a hand and hits you...
he's not worth it....
I do not think this is easy...
but I guess it is true...

I got flowers today.
It wasn't my birthday or any other special day.
We had our first argument last night, and he said a lot of cruel
things that really hurt me.
I know he is sorry and didn't mean the things he said, because he sent me flowers today.

I got flowers today.
It wasn't our anniversary or any other special day.
Last night, he threw me into a wall and started to choke me.
It seemed like a nightmare. I couldn't believe it was real.
I woke up this morning sore and bruised all over.
I know he must be sorry.
Because he sent me flowers today.

I got flowers today,
and it wasn't Mother's Day or any other special day.
Last night, he beat me up again.
And it was much worse than all theother times.
If I leave him, what will I do?
How will I take care of my kids?
Wha tabout money?
I'm afraid of him and scared to leave.
But I know he must be sorry.
Because he sent me flowers today.

I got flowers today.
Today was a very special day.
It was the day of my funeral.
Last night, he finally killed me.
He beat me to death.
If only I had gathered enough courage and strength to leave him, I would not have gotten flowers today.

If it starts with a heat argument and bad remarks, then you know how it would probably end.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Highlight for the day

3 berita penting hari ini that caught my attention, right down to the nerves...

Harga barang runcit mula naik
When Government announced increase of 10-40% pay raise for civil servants, peniaga announce barang naik harga... One million government servants naik gaji, lagi 25 millions of Malaysian population kena tempias ke?
Give some respect la people, they don't get pay raise every year... Can we not take advantage of other people's suffering not? Orang baru nak bernafas, lu dah kasik kentut kat muka...

But then again... CEUPACS' justification for the pay raise, among other, was that their productivity and performance have improved. Come to think of it, 1 civil servant for every 26 citizens? Seriously?! I'm sorry, again, what has improved...?

CSR: TM sedia RM75j atasi syarikat lain

Government has increased salary 10% - 40% for the civil servants, TM increased their social responsibilities to more than 3%, as compared to the standard 1% by other companies.
TM has also approved salary adjustment for the non-executives salary to 5.5% increment. Read here.
Society has got better attention from TM, non-execs got theirs also. Executives? I say, if you are not under NUTE (Telecom Sector Unions), you might as well stay MUTE!

Pengacara TV3 dituduh ambil pil khayal
Isn't it ironic, for an anti-crime celeb who appears on TV every week fighting against crimes, gedebak-gedebuk lebih2 dari polis, was caught doing the very thing he was fighting against?
What goes around comes around, huh?

Wait a minute, this Umaisyah Abd Rahim gal... Wasn't she the one who testify against Mamat Exist for a rape charge some 10 years ago?