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Friday, March 31, 2006

Post-holiday depression

I'm frigging bored of my job
And i just hate working
Save me, save me now
Or just kill me

Bonus tahun ni sikit gile... ntah pehape je CEO baru!

Friday, March 10, 2006

This is my 100th post

I need a new haircut for my holiday, and new mood to forget that I'm now quarter a century :(
Tried out few hairstyles - with the matching make ups (or not so matching ones!)
Here are the outcomes...
Gambar mintak keje kehhehhe
not-so-me me

My current hair, with more volume

I think I'm gonna be sick!

Bad hair day?

Teri Hatcher? Desperate Housewifemate!

Dumb blonde...

...with accessories

So folks, any suggestion?

Try it out here!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Turning 25 sure gets me horny at times hahahha

A friendly reminder - 17 days to my birthday, folks!
For the first time since 14, I'm not binded with fancy birthday dinner for two nor will i get love struck buzzday cards and bouquets. I might miss the wet wet (wueekkss!) birthday kisses but warm birthday hugs (ahhhh!!) could do me justice.

I know it's the thought that counts but my dear friends, it would be more delighting if you put that thought into thinking of what kind of present you want to give me.. keh kehhh... So stop going for movies, or playing futsal, or eating out, or messing around with dat plastic (or gold) card, start saving and kempising that bunch stomach of yours and tightening it wit ur waist nipper or bengkung (if you must) and spend your bling bling to pamper me as you wish.
For my darling friends with the March-RM-for-jigz sense, love you all *muaaahhsss* Manakala kepada yang lokek, kemut dan kemek, i love you less :-P

Okie dokie.. Just a point to ponder,

One thing women can do that men can't
Multiple orgasm.

What is one thing men can do women can't?
Siapa berani, sila jawab