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Friday, December 30, 2005

Signing Out of 2005

The last of 2005.
Lawak gile TM ni, 5pm sharp all the phones rang - it's the mass calling system..
I thought it's one of those Tsunami Mass Alerting System that they are testing - all fixed line in TM HQ office will get the 1st warning call if the Tsunami sensor triggers. Imagine all hundreds of phones ring at the same time and everybody buat bodo, not picking up knowing that it's just a mass warning call. Irritating kan?
...but it was actually a mass New Year wish to TM employess (how sweet!! hehhh~)
Hangin je... Buat cuak skejap.

Alot has happened throughout this year, the most challenging year of my life (by far!).
My greatest achievements, my greatest downfalls - in love, life and career.
With the end of it, I literally feels like shoving the burden off my shoulder.
Only some...

Let me get the checklist.
So wat have we got from 2005?
It's a year of...
Pearl and Diamond Manager
TNS Launching
Last of Star Wars
Break up
Wedding invitations (byk siot kwn kawin thn ni!)
My darling baby
Sister's marriage
Baby Arysha
Chicken pox
JGB 42
BHX 9116
Great Vacations
Moving Out
Moving In
New home and the swimming pool haha
Plus the neighbours
Gossips and Scandals
And much much more
Of love
Of life
Of career
Of growing up
Of maturing
Of rising and falling
Of understanding life
And walking thru it...
Of everything that matters

I had enough of rat race and dream chasing in 2005.
Alhamdulillah, i had the best and worst of it all.
I've won and lose battles...
For goodness sake, it was a taxing year.
And i think i need a break...

2006, I just want to explore different paths and become acquainted with unusual activities outside of my usual social sphere.
Gotto throw away those goal achieving checklists and give a shot at my outdated dare-do checklists.
Now is my chance to break free from the pack of hard work and capture something that my heart desire.
Give it everything I've got.
In other word - ENJOY! ENJOY! ENJOY!

Farewell 2005.

Happy New Year y'all!
It's gonna be a really really exciting year.
Don't believe?
Ask Guruji!
Nyet nyet nyettttt

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Walk away

When i need a comforting arm so badly, I've got not one to turn to.
More often, I believe that there is no point of turning anywhere, coz I'll get lost anyway...

A friend asked me the other day, "Even at this stage, you really don't trust anyone, do you?"
A node to that. I trust no one. Not even myself.

It's really painful
When I find it difficult
To trust anyone
To open up
To hold inside
these tears and laughter

I'm happy, just to be me.
I'm sad, just let me be.
But I still need you
To untangle my heart
So I can be yours forever.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Recover post


I hate
I hate
I hate
I hate
I hate
I hate
I hate
I hate
I hate
I hate
I hate
I hate
I hate
I hate
I hate
I hate
I hate
I hate
I hate
I hate
I hate
I hate
I hate today!

Ya Allah, please replace today with a better day tomorrow.

Sekian, terima kasih.