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Monday, May 29, 2006

Piece of shit

As I told him:
"KA called me this morning all cried out... His husband thought that now she's not working, she is useless. And because of that, her husband told her that he doesn't want to be with her anymore coz for the past 6 years they've known each other, she doesn't bring any value added to him. She knows that her husband likes women of fortune. She told me that she asked her husband to give her just a bit more time to prove that she can be more than that. She wants to do this business seriously so that she could give her husband whatever he wants. Be the woman he desires."

He said:
"Bagusnya KA tu.. U know, that's how a wife should be. Lucky guy, her husband."

And I said:
"Ey bukan laki ke yang patut bagi nafkah? And the worse part is, I just found out that he actually has a second wife who he married sometime last year... only 3 years after his marriage to KA. And to think that KA sabar je lagi ngan dia and remain faithful as ever... AND NOW...he also has a girlfriend! "

His response:
"Seriously, how did he do that? Respect ahh.. power gile.. Dah la tak handsome.. Ayat apa dia guna?"

Man, are you for real?
You scared the shit outta me.
Seems like we are at a different page.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Welcome frens

Previously on my alternative site:

Hey people...
If i give you the access to this site, this literally means that lucky you... You are not the one I'm trying to diss and have NIL connection with me or my life!
Tapi kalo korang kena diss ngan aku pon, korang sure tadak hal nyer kan? :-P

OK, i'm done with my emo. Time to move on and get the hell outta it.
I'm back people...

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I saw the end, even before it begun

"Sorry that i disappoint u and let u down. I'm guilty of every failure and pressure felt. Apologize for all the mess I've made."

"Guilt feeling and apologize are not what I seek. Takpe, maybe u tak paham i and i tak paham u... Lepas ni u buat la apa yang u rasa nak buat."

"Never mind if u think it's not worthy. I tau I memang sampah. I take it. Ok, lepas ni takyah nak susah-susah ngan i. Takyah amik tau pon takpe. We go separate ways ok?"

*ape bende tah merapu*

"Put all the blame on me... Takpe, i terima. Thanks for everything. Gudnite."

"U yang nak go separate ways... apsal i yang put all the blame on u?"

"Ok i yang nak."

Realize that the word "yang" EMPHASIZE that oneself is responsibe of any behaviour that comes after (e.g if connected to "nak" as demonstrated as the above).

"U yang nak go separate ways... apsal i yang put all the blame on u?" <-- can you see the connection between these two lines?

Monday, May 08, 2006

Buzz off

I'm moving on to a new site.
Coz I need to keep my thoughts away from some people.
Buzz me on YM or email me if you want to continue reading my rubbish.

Whatever, bitch!

Hari ni aku rasa cam nak cakap pegi mampos kat sume orang.
Pegi mampos kat sume orang who make any attemp to communicate with me today - in any form of communication at all - talk, or buat lawak bangang, or say hi, or smile, or even give me a glimpse.

I now realize that I could become a horrendous popping red-eyed monster if ANYONE fuck my in the face at wee hour in the morning. Especially when I'm fucking tired. Especially when my life is already at its own discontent. Especially when it's Monday and I'm fucking hate Mondays. So please don't disrupt my Monday blues.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

25 DEAL we made.

Chrisye feat. Peterpan

Di dalam sebuah cinta
Terdapat bahasa
Yang mengalun indah
Mengisi jiwa
Merindukan kisah
Kita berdua
Yang tak pernah bisa
Akan terlupa

Bila rindu ini masih milikmu
Kuhadirkan sebuah tanya untukmu
Harus berapa lama aku menunggumu
Aku menunggumu

Di dalam masa indah
Saat bersamamu
Yang tak pernah bisa
Akan terlupa
Pandangan matanya
Menghancurkan jiwa
Dengan segenap cinta
Aku bertanya

Bila rindu ini masih milikmu
Kuhadirkan sebuah tanya untukmu
Harus berapa lama aku menunggumu
Aku menunggumu

Dalam hati ku menunggu
Dalam hati ku menunggu

Dalam lelah ku menunggu
Dalam letih ku menunggu
Masih menunggu

Bila rindu ini masih milikmu
Kuhadirkan sebuah...

Harus berapa lama, harus berapa lama
Aku menunggumu, aku menunggumu
Aku menunggu...aku menunggumu

I don't know how much longer can i wait. I don't know if i have that much patience. I don't have forever to spare.
But here I am, standing still... watching you pass me by. And praying that our path will collide, again.