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Monday, December 18, 2006

stupid, indeed!

Despite of a great combination of pretty faces and remarkable backgrounds, some people can be so sengal and lembab... or shall i say LEMAU?!!
How did they get their certificates, anyway??

I suggest that tuition centers should be abolished, and acceptance to higher educational institutions should be merited based on pure brain, without supplements of private lessons!
Coz bile dah accepted and rasa macam sangat bijak pandai, suddenly brain diorang jadik cripple and soon after graduation, their brain utilization count revert to zero.

Damn, it gets me frustrated...
Seriously la... Where were you when God was dishing out brains?

Friday, December 15, 2006


If you ever wonder how sexual harrasment in the office starts, the email below might turn you on, oppsss sorry, turn your idea on...

From: [encrypted]
Sent: Friday, December 15, 2006 10:56 AM
To: [encrypted]
Subject: LOL

I’m horny and I have practical experience in karma sutra… we can experience this at:

Time: 11pm till late (I’ll drive u back home)
Date: 16th December 2006 / 17 december 2006
Venue: meeting room 19th south wing




Pls treat this email as P&C. Not to be shown to the customers.

And the best part is, sender is a MALE, so is the receiver.

Gosh, this is the best lawak of the day...
Sangat comel la officematesku... Always lighten up my days...

To whom it may concern,
Sorry bro, I had to share... But worry not... I won't show it to the customers, i promise. But i did not promise that I won't leak it here :-D

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Do You Have a Honda Tetris?


For the eyes of jAZZ/FiT lovers only :P

Friday, November 24, 2006

How bout that?

Perhaps, some information to help you with the pictures:

1. BMW started it with this advertisement

2. AUDI answered.

3. SUBARU needed to say something

4. BENTLEY Chairman wanted the last word!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I'm sorry

"I'm sorry for blaming you for everything I just couldn't do
And I've hurt myself by hurting you
Some days I feel broke inside but I won't admit
Sometimes I just want to hide 'cause it's you I miss
You know it's so hard to say goodbye when it comes to this
And it's so out of line to try to turn back time"


Sometimes kan, in order for me to truly appreciate something, i need to feel the loss of it.
so that i can feel the pain of losing it
so that i can understand how much it means to me.
Now i'm addicted to pain.
I need it to feel alive.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

OK, dat's it.


Friday, September 08, 2006

I've been suffering from a severe back pain for more than a week. At first i thought it was just muscle cramp as i did not warm up before my futsal game last Tuesday. The very next day stomach ache kicking in. "Maybe I'm having period cramp," i thought. Day after day, it turned from bad to worse. The sharp, stabbing pain didn't permit me to do even a slight movement.. I found it really painful to walk, sit, or even talk. Friday, i was down with fever. It couldn't be period pain coz i've never experienced any serious monthly cramp before, at least not this bad. Only on Monday when he asked me, "U ada jatuh ke?" Only then i realized that that i once, fell on my butt while playing futsal last Tuesday.

So i went to a clinic last Tuesday.
What did the doctor say?
Could it be just a mere period pain?
Could it be a severe back pain?
Or a slipped disk?

I was asked to take a urine test.
And waddaya know?
I have kidney infection

:( Saya sangat sedey...

Therefore, my new health resolution :

  1. Kurangkan minum teh tarik dan sekaligus mengurangkan revenue mamak
  2. Minum air putih banyak banyak banyak
  3. Tanak tahan-tahan kencing lagi


Monday, August 21, 2006

Cross over

Now I'm a bit curious...
A girl is trying to seduce me.

Well, i thought she was just fooling around coz we play futsie together regularly. It seemed harmless in the beginning and i took it as a joke. Yer la, I was from all-girl school so those semi-seducing jokes are normal among the girls, and I joked along.
It were those little jokes on the futsie court to keep the game alive.
Just play along...
Then from emails on futsie team weekly updates, came along private mails.
Ok, that's fine.
Then she txted me.
That's ok too...
From casual txts, to seducing ones...
Still jokes to me...
But when one day she called me and said that though she has a bf, she could be my gf if i want to coz she can't resist me... and that everybody has their own little black book, it woke me up.

Ok, do i look like a lesbo now? Or somebody who has the tendacy to cross-over?
Do i?

But i tell u boys, she's a hell of a bomb, a silent bomb - like Siti Nurhaliza (hahhaa... still can't believe she ended up with a tarzan - with mostache!) Coz she's not the wild type, but a fine lady... Tu yg pelik tu.. Dat's y i never took her seriously.
Kalau betul la dia memang seriously seducing me, and i respond to her... Boy, what a waste! What a waste!!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Simple Definitions of love:

+ A strong positive emotion of regard and affection.
+ Any object of warm affection or devotion.
+ Having a great affection or liking for.
+ A deep feeling of sexual desire and attraction.
+ To be enamored with.

It is something that you give away, without expecting any in return.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Yeay! Project keparatku sudah bereh.
So aku sudah tidak perlu sombong lagi.
I need a date to go watch PGL the Musical next week.
Any candidate?

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Could you please shut up already?

Ok now... aku macam bengang and nak express kebenganganan aku kat sini tapi ended up aku tatau nak tulis ape coz macam byk sgt nak tulis tapi aku takde time. I'm freaking busy at the mo.
Yes, yes i know everybody claims that they are busy but when I say I'm freaking busy..

Aku malas dan tak kuasa nak cerita daily schedule aku.
These days, if you buzz me and when i say that I''ll call you back. Please don't wait by the phone. Of course, a month later i still remember that I said that, but still... I won't call you back. If you call me or drop me a line in email/sms or watever je pon la... and say "Oii sombong eh kau skang", I'll definitely ctrl+del coz really... i don't have time. Atau kau nak aku concentrate kat kau dan dunia kau.. sori tak dapat beb! Gua ada dekat 50 accounts nak kena jaga dengan berpuluh work order masuk tiap hari, ko nak aku layan masalah ko pehal? Ni gua dah 15 jam tak makan solid food bukan pasal diet tapi mmg tak sempat nak makan... Pastu nak layan stupid calls and stupid mails? Baik aku gi makan, lg bagus!
Dengan upline downline yang letak 1001 responsibilities kat bahu aku... Weii berat aku tak sampai 45kg pon la.. tah-tah 40kg dah skang! Pressure siot!Tolongggg.. somebody please give me some prozacs...
And the last thing aku nak dengar skang ialah org memekak kat telinga aku cakap aku tak buat keje atau mempersoalkan keje aku...
Aku macam nak justify diri aku and fire balik manusia-manusia bangang dan self-centered tu tapi pikir2 balik baik aku diam. Ingat ko sorang je ke yg ada project nak kena siap? or target nak kena achieve? Abis tu korang nak belah aku brape bhgn? Aku ni, nak disalai ke buat sate pon tak cukup.
Baik aku ignore sume org dan buat keje aku.
Ko tak puas ati, lantak ko la...
Seriyes la.. time utk diri aku pon aku takde, jgn la bengang if aku takde time utk org lain.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Olny srmat poelpe can.

I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.

Amzanig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Blackest of heart

What is that love which is based on greed?
When there is greed, the love is false.

Greed, passion, hatred, lust.
When these emotions dominate the soul, what have you got left with you?
Where is your heart?
What is love to you?
Where is the human sense in you?
A heart becomes a piece of crap.
Love is a fun thing to play with.
Human sense is just... nonsense.
Selfish heart... causes blindness and suffering.
Cruel heart... leads to destruction.
So I walked out, if I can just walk all over, of the blackest of heart I’ve ever succumb to.

And I learnt what it takes to be a heartless human, and meaning of human with a heart.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Dasar betina

Pagi tadi aku terkantoikan Shiro tgh main - doggie style.
In the kitchen of my bro's hse.
Jantan mane tah die bawak balik umah.
Bengang btol aku.
Repot ngan abang aku kang... baru dia tau!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Crash Boom Bang

Woke up today all geared up to hit the high road.

Two hours later -

I'm crushed.


Sucks, man.

Friday, June 09, 2006

9 6

Happy 9 6 - to mom & dad for your birthday.
And me too... for whatever reason that matters.

400 days
Should I stop counting now?

Monday, May 29, 2006

Piece of shit

As I told him:
"KA called me this morning all cried out... His husband thought that now she's not working, she is useless. And because of that, her husband told her that he doesn't want to be with her anymore coz for the past 6 years they've known each other, she doesn't bring any value added to him. She knows that her husband likes women of fortune. She told me that she asked her husband to give her just a bit more time to prove that she can be more than that. She wants to do this business seriously so that she could give her husband whatever he wants. Be the woman he desires."

He said:
"Bagusnya KA tu.. U know, that's how a wife should be. Lucky guy, her husband."

And I said:
"Ey bukan laki ke yang patut bagi nafkah? And the worse part is, I just found out that he actually has a second wife who he married sometime last year... only 3 years after his marriage to KA. And to think that KA sabar je lagi ngan dia and remain faithful as ever... AND NOW...he also has a girlfriend! "

His response:
"Seriously, how did he do that? Respect ahh.. power gile.. Dah la tak handsome.. Ayat apa dia guna?"

Man, are you for real?
You scared the shit outta me.
Seems like we are at a different page.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Welcome frens

Previously on my alternative site:

Hey people...
If i give you the access to this site, this literally means that lucky you... You are not the one I'm trying to diss and have NIL connection with me or my life!
Tapi kalo korang kena diss ngan aku pon, korang sure tadak hal nyer kan? :-P

OK, i'm done with my emo. Time to move on and get the hell outta it.
I'm back people...

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I saw the end, even before it begun

"Sorry that i disappoint u and let u down. I'm guilty of every failure and pressure felt. Apologize for all the mess I've made."

"Guilt feeling and apologize are not what I seek. Takpe, maybe u tak paham i and i tak paham u... Lepas ni u buat la apa yang u rasa nak buat."

"Never mind if u think it's not worthy. I tau I memang sampah. I take it. Ok, lepas ni takyah nak susah-susah ngan i. Takyah amik tau pon takpe. We go separate ways ok?"

*ape bende tah merapu*

"Put all the blame on me... Takpe, i terima. Thanks for everything. Gudnite."

"U yang nak go separate ways... apsal i yang put all the blame on u?"

"Ok i yang nak."

Realize that the word "yang" EMPHASIZE that oneself is responsibe of any behaviour that comes after (e.g if connected to "nak" as demonstrated as the above).

"U yang nak go separate ways... apsal i yang put all the blame on u?" <-- can you see the connection between these two lines?

Monday, May 08, 2006

Buzz off

I'm moving on to a new site.
Coz I need to keep my thoughts away from some people.
Buzz me on YM or email me if you want to continue reading my rubbish.

Whatever, bitch!

Hari ni aku rasa cam nak cakap pegi mampos kat sume orang.
Pegi mampos kat sume orang who make any attemp to communicate with me today - in any form of communication at all - talk, or buat lawak bangang, or say hi, or smile, or even give me a glimpse.

I now realize that I could become a horrendous popping red-eyed monster if ANYONE fuck my in the face at wee hour in the morning. Especially when I'm fucking tired. Especially when my life is already at its own discontent. Especially when it's Monday and I'm fucking hate Mondays. So please don't disrupt my Monday blues.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

25 DEAL we made.

Chrisye feat. Peterpan

Di dalam sebuah cinta
Terdapat bahasa
Yang mengalun indah
Mengisi jiwa
Merindukan kisah
Kita berdua
Yang tak pernah bisa
Akan terlupa

Bila rindu ini masih milikmu
Kuhadirkan sebuah tanya untukmu
Harus berapa lama aku menunggumu
Aku menunggumu

Di dalam masa indah
Saat bersamamu
Yang tak pernah bisa
Akan terlupa
Pandangan matanya
Menghancurkan jiwa
Dengan segenap cinta
Aku bertanya

Bila rindu ini masih milikmu
Kuhadirkan sebuah tanya untukmu
Harus berapa lama aku menunggumu
Aku menunggumu

Dalam hati ku menunggu
Dalam hati ku menunggu

Dalam lelah ku menunggu
Dalam letih ku menunggu
Masih menunggu

Bila rindu ini masih milikmu
Kuhadirkan sebuah...

Harus berapa lama, harus berapa lama
Aku menunggumu, aku menunggumu
Aku menunggu...aku menunggumu

I don't know how much longer can i wait. I don't know if i have that much patience. I don't have forever to spare.
But here I am, standing still... watching you pass me by. And praying that our path will collide, again.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Kesian kete pink aku

Kete kena pecah last week. Sedey gile...
I curse it on the new sony xplode CD changer which i just bought 2 weeks ago.
Pulak tu nak jadik cerita, I accidently left my purse with a whole lot of cash in the bag.
And i curse it on my carelessness for leaving my bag in the car.
But i can't really curse on anything.
I can't really complaint.
Bukan rezeki, nak buat camne. Redha je la...

Friday, March 31, 2006

Post-holiday depression

I'm frigging bored of my job
And i just hate working
Save me, save me now
Or just kill me

Bonus tahun ni sikit gile... ntah pehape je CEO baru!

Friday, March 10, 2006

This is my 100th post

I need a new haircut for my holiday, and new mood to forget that I'm now quarter a century :(
Tried out few hairstyles - with the matching make ups (or not so matching ones!)
Here are the outcomes...
Gambar mintak keje kehhehhe
not-so-me me

My current hair, with more volume

I think I'm gonna be sick!

Bad hair day?

Teri Hatcher? Desperate Housewifemate!

Dumb blonde...

...with accessories

So folks, any suggestion?

Try it out here!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Turning 25 sure gets me horny at times hahahha

A friendly reminder - 17 days to my birthday, folks!
For the first time since 14, I'm not binded with fancy birthday dinner for two nor will i get love struck buzzday cards and bouquets. I might miss the wet wet (wueekkss!) birthday kisses but warm birthday hugs (ahhhh!!) could do me justice.

I know it's the thought that counts but my dear friends, it would be more delighting if you put that thought into thinking of what kind of present you want to give me.. keh kehhh... So stop going for movies, or playing futsal, or eating out, or messing around with dat plastic (or gold) card, start saving and kempising that bunch stomach of yours and tightening it wit ur waist nipper or bengkung (if you must) and spend your bling bling to pamper me as you wish.
For my darling friends with the March-RM-for-jigz sense, love you all *muaaahhsss* Manakala kepada yang lokek, kemut dan kemek, i love you less :-P

Okie dokie.. Just a point to ponder,

One thing women can do that men can't
Multiple orgasm.

What is one thing men can do women can't?
Siapa berani, sila jawab

Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Browse thru my inbox and saw this email sent by a friend.

Improve your vehicle's fuel consumption - by as much as 40% - by changing the way you currently drive. There is a catch, though.

  1. Pump More Here & Pump Less There.
    Don't wait until your car senget one side before inflating your tyres. Low tyre pressure forces your engine to work and drink harder. Driving on underinflated tyres also reduces the life of the tyres. A lose-lose situation.
  2. Dig Your Nose

  3. Digging your nose is more economical than gunning your engine while waiting at traffic lights. Jack rabbit starts cost you even more. Never floor the pedal unless there's an express bus looming in your rearview mirror. Learn how to accelerate (and brake) smoothly for better fuel efficiency.

  4. Pay It Again Sam
    You may be using an alternative toll-free road as a sign of protest or as a means of saving money. If the the old route is perpetually congested and longer, you may end up burning more fuel than the toll saved. Sad but often true.
  5. Go Look Stop
    Are you one of those who frequently get stuck behind a stalled vehicle, crash into road humps or potholes? If you look further than 3 meters while driving, you can better anticip ate obstacles and avoid fuel guzzling start-stop situations. Good reason not to tailgate too.
  6. Make Up Your Mind
    I don't know if it's kiasuness or indecisiveness that makes people drive with the other foot riding the brake pedal. A slight touch might not be noticeable to you but it strains the engine, wears out your brakes prematurely and confuses the poor driver behind. Make sure your handbrake is down all the way too.
  7. Get Rid Of Freeloaders
    The less passengers the less weight. The less load the better the fuel economy. If you want to car pool, pool the cost. Clear your boot by removing unutilised items like golf sets, prams, barbecue sets, scuba gear, etc.
  8. Bear With Crow Shit
    Park your car under the shade wherever possible. The hotter your car interior becomes, the harder the air-conditioning needs to work later, the more fuel the engine consumes as a result. The hot sun also increases fuel loss through evaporation.
  9. Stay Safe & Save
    Fuel consumption jumps dramatically after a certain speed. Keeping to the speed limit saves you more than traffic fines. Driving at 120 kph, rather than 100 kph, may increase fuel consumption by another 25 percent. The dangers of speeding far outweigh the travel time saved.
  10. Get A Life
    Stop pissing off your neighbours in the mornings and do yourself a favour. Most modern cars have no chokes or carburetors, so there's no need for long, noisy engine warm- ups. Hard revving a cold engine kills it faster than driving it.
  11. Let The Bugger Go
    There's no need to catch up with an offending driver just to show a finger or fist. You end up either paying more for fuel or a hefty hospital bill.
  12. Learn From Your Mistakes
    If your wife or girlfriend says she needs to pop into a warehouse sale for a quick look-see, find a parking spot and turn off the engine. Long idling wastes fuel and pollutes the environment.

  13. Don't Be A Drag Queen
    Remove that empty showoff roof rack or that ugly ill-designed Ah Beng spoiler as it causes unnecessary drag. Smoking with your windows down at cruising speed also increases drag. Newer cars (except the Juara) are aerodynamically designed for fuel efficiency. Stop adding unnecessary external accessories such as jutting elbows.
  14. Meter The Meter
    Keep track of your car's fuel consumption by monitoring the odometer or tripmeter. A sudden drop may mean mechanical problems. Timely oil change and other maintenance can save you significant amount of fuel.
  15. Try A Different Nasi Lemak
    All petrol are the same except for the additives and advertising. Contrary to what most Malaysians believe, you can mix your fuel. There's really no need to waste fuel by driving out of the way just to fill up your favourite brand and redemption card.

  16. Get A New Boss
    Use online banking or find a better employer. Stop driving to an ATM every hour just to check whether your salary is in.

Friday, February 24, 2006


From: Group Corporate Communications
Sent: Friday, February 24, 2006 6:15 PM
To: .All; .All GM

Dear All,

Please find a message from Group Chief Executive Officer for your attention.

Thank you.

Group Corporate Communications

Excerpt of the message:
Today, I am pleased to announce that the management and the Unions have reached an amicable agreement, and that all the core and immediate issues have been addressed to the satisfaction of all parties.

Needless to say more...
This was an internal conflict of interest,i might say. Too bad it didn't happen. Kalau tak sure dah happening gile. I was looking forward to the historical 'black-day'.. Darn!!

Yeayyyyy!!! Leh gi cuti-cuti China!! Yeay yeayyyy!!!

Monday, February 20, 2006


From: Mustopha Hj Ahmed, Hj
Sent: Friday, February 17, 2006 6:13 PM
To: .All Eksekutif Telekom Malaysia Berhad
Cc: Tan Sri Dato' Ir. Md. Radzi Mansor; Dato' Abdul Wahid Omar; Dato' Adnan Rofiee; Dato' Baharum Salleh; Datuk Hamzah Yacob; Dato' Abdul Aziz Abu Bakar


YBhg Tan Sri/Dato'/Datuk/Datin/Tuan dan Puan,

Dimaklumkan bahawa mulai dari 20 Feb 2006 kesemua Cuti Rehat bagi Eksekutif TM adalah dibekukan sehingga satu masa yang akan diberitahu kelak. Sehubungan itu semua aktibiti diluar pejabat adalah disyorkan agar ditangguhkan sehingga tarikh penarikan balik arahan diatasSemua Eksekutif hendakalah berada dalam kawasan masing dan boleh dihubungi bila-bila masa sepanjang tempuh tersebut.
Sila anggap Pekeliling ini adalah PENTING dan diberi perhatian sewajarnya.

Sekian, Salam Hormat

Hj Mustopha B Ahmed
Pengurus Besar
Sumber Manusia TMCo

I have applied a week leave to go for a holiday in China next month!
Joj... betul la weihh aku kena mandi bunga kot ni!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

18SX For the eyes of the beholder only

It was worth all the struggle to get my ass on that plane to Down under.

Great places in Sydney... Manly Beach, Watson's Bay, Darling Harbour, Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House, Blue Mountain and Three Sisters among others...
I didn't shop that much for myself. Most of my budget went straight to souvenier fund. Kiralah sendiri kalau officemates je dah lebey 50 org, extended family 10 people already, housemates, close friends. Half of my luggage was filled with souveniers only, tu pon tak cukup. Deeply sorry to friends who didn't get any souvenier from me. Bukan tanak kasik, tapi salah bajet.. Ingatkan officemates 30 org je..Ramai rupenya!! So,first come first serve beb... Pastu ade lak kenkwn kompen coz dapat keychain je. Pocket dah kering la ngok! It's the thought that counts aa la

I only bought a few things for myself. Things that either i really-really desire or because it's too hot and too cheap to let go :-) These are among my favs:
The pointed shoes were the first thing I bought as soon as I hopped off the airport taxi. The only footwear i brought were my nike and a pair of slippers hoho.. So, I grabbed the cheapest high heels I could find at a plaza near my office in North Sydney before I go to the office. AUD$20. Cheap, tapi kalau Vincci RM60 dapat kasut lawa weiii..

I didn't exactly know why I bought this babydoll dress...thought of my housie when I first saw it. She likes to wear dresses and she could look good in that dress, but maybe I look better :-P I've never had a sexy dress before, and I don't even know if i even dare to wear it.. My colleague jokingly said to me, "Keep it for few years, wear it on the first night of your marriage :P". Now since i blogged it here, it wouldn't be a bedroom secret no more, would it? I saw an identical dress in Zara, marked for RM300++. Mine? I can say - less than quarter of that hehehee...
Lurve the pink leather jacket sooo damn much. Can't tell ya the price. Kantoi nanti takleh nak claim hehhe... Before I bought this jacket, I persuaded my colleague to buy an FCUK cotton jacket (yeahh, aku la setan penggoda shopping!). But she later bengang tahap gaban when I got this gorgeous jacket at the same price at Peddy Market. You can imagine her face when she saw me smirking while putting the jacket on huhuu.. Man, u can't even get a lousy Topshop jacket for the price of this jacket, mesti la aku proud hehehe... Pastu leh claim lak tu besh beshh...
The only thing is that, kat Mesia ni kat mane nak pakai???

Slipper Roxy je la lupe nak beli. Demm Down! Down!!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Days of Struggle

Many of my friends know that I went to Sydney for a week training last week. But what not many know is- the struggle I had to go through just to get there.
And i lived by the motto NO PAIN, NO GAIN for that few days hekss...

The problem – missing passport.

I went back to JB for a long Chinese New Year holiday, and not forgetting, watak utama - to get my passport.
My bro n family n I were supposed to head back to KL earlier than lalat bangun on Thursday as my bro had to go to work that morning. The night before going back to KL, I packed my bag, along with my passport which I tucked in the front pocket of my yellow backpack and zipped it up. I was very sure of that and I could clearly recall my mom asked me, “Passport dah masuk dalam beg? Jangan lupa bawak.”
“Dah!” I said.
But I didn’t want to go into so much trouble of unload my bag from the trunk and get the passport out just to show it to my mom.. coz I was very confident I have packed it - which later caused me alot of trouble!

The next day, I started to pack my bag for Sydney but suddenly I realized that my passport was not in the bag! Scheisse!! (Anyway, it's shit in German). I went looking all over the house for the passport but it wasn’t there. Then I called home and asked my mother to check if I accidentally left the passport in my room, and called my brother to ask if it was dropped off in his car. Later at night, the whole family made a rescue team to search for my passport and it was nowhere in sight :-(

Rescue squat diperkuatkan dan dipertingkatkan with the search area diperbesarkan. Searched my house, my parents’ house as well as my brother’s house. Then the family cars including my sister in-law’s. I even searched in my office! Which is I thought rather ridiculous coz it couldn’t possibly be anywhere else except for my room, bag and prolly my bro’s car. The weirdest thing was I can clearly recall that I had safely put the passport inside my backpack that night and NEVER EVER brought the passport out, not even to the living room of my parents’ house. And I did not open my bag until the time I wanted to pack for Sydney. And I still couldn’t find my passport.
I postponed my flight to the following day.

I woke up feeling miserable.
I called my boss and I’ve got free lecture. Oh, actually she got the lecture from the big boss first.
My colleague kept smsing me telling me to carik passport sampai dapat and get my ass on the plane to Sydney coz she was terrified being alone there.
U know la the riot with Muslims and all that…

Then, I went to bank that morning with my mate. Looking at my state (mesti dah gaya cam org gile), she can't help to feel pity for me and suggested that I should go back to JB and try to look for the passport myself. Even if I couldn’t find it, it always feel good to be around the family at time like this. And without much of a thinking, I took a bus back to JB.. sehelai sepinggang like dat without even taking a bath! Reached JB at about 2pm and I walked all the way home from the bus stand on a hot sunny day. My sister was furious but just I didn’t care. I just needed time for myself.

As soon as I reached home, I started the search but couldn’t find it anywhere. Kalau dah 3,4 org carik tak jumpe. What difference can I make?
I postponed the flight again.

That night my mother suggested that we go and seek help from a “folk medicine practitioner”. Seriously, my family and I don’t actually believe in such thing but we were like “what the heck, just give it a shot”.
Since I was little, I know that there are other creatures or spirit (whatever u call it) live in my house besides us- human. Hearing footsteps and other noises when no one at home but yourself is a norm to my family. My neighbours and few people who came to my house has encountered few incidents but that didn’t really bother us..coz normal la tu… bukan kita je makhluk kat dunia ni.

So back to our story, that night we went to see this man, who we call Pak Haji. He is not a bomoh per se but he is a religious man who has the ability to transfer his soul and connect to the other world. Somewhat like Dr Harun Din camtu but he’s not as glamer as Dr Harun Din la kan. He said that my passport was at still home - in my bedroom. It was a bit creepy coz he described my house and my room perfectly. ‘Somebody’ hid it, not because of bad intention but just for fun. He even talked to the spirit.
Now, if you were me, would you want to believe that?
I don’t believe in such thing but whatever works, just play along.
He told me to perform some solat sunat and taught me some doa to recite while looking for the passport.
One of the weird things he informed me was that I have a few spirits live in my body. I forgot how many, 3 kot. And they are all pretty ladies (mesti lah, aku kan cantik hahaha). These ladies often made me feel gloomy and sad. And they live by sucking my blood on my legs… And to my awe, I actually do have bruise marks on my legs that I often wonder where it came from.
Did I fall from bed? No.
Did I accidently hit on something while walking? Don’t think so.
But if you guys could give me medical reasons of how did I get those marks on my legs, please let me know. TQ.
These ladies, according to the Pak Haji, if not removed from my body, they will some way prevent me of getting married. Wohoooo~! So he did some sort of exorcism on me (well, don’t get me wrong.. the Islamic way, using zikir and ayat Al-Quran). Pretty kewl but I cant reveal it here :-P ohh and on my mother as well.

Then we went home and did as instructed by the Pak Haji. After performing the prayer, my mother went straight to sleep while I kept on searching. Pak Haji said that if I repeatedly chant the doa, I could see the vision of the area where my passport could possibly be left. Apparently, I did – even though it was not so clear but I did. It was at the end of my bed. I went searching at the corner but still couldn’t find it.
3am, I surrendered.

I can barely sleep..
I woke up for Subuh prayer and continued with the mission.
Then my mom told me that she dreamt that my passport was at the corner of my bed, tucked under some white, or cream coloured cloth that looked like bed sheet or cushion sheet. So, her vision was like the missing pieces of mine. Then I called the Pak Haji. His wife picked up the phone and said that she has helped me with the doa recitation and described to me of her vision, which is exactly the same with my mother’s. Spooky, isn’t it? Did a massive clean up of my room but still couldn’t find the passport.
Then my mother told me not to give up on the real world (hahaa..) and try to go to Immigration to see if they could help me. After lunch, I went to report for the missing passport and rushed to the Immigration. But by the time I got a photo for the passport and cop Suruhanjaya Sumpah, the Immigration counter has already closed.

Once again, I called MAS and asked them to postpone my flight.
By this time, I have almost given up. I called the Pak Haji and told him that I’m going back to KL but he asked me to stay for another night and perform another solat while he helped me with Yassin and doa, at exactly the same time. After all that, I still couldn’t find my passport.
Then again kan, maybe because I don’t really believe in the spirit thingy kot.. that I wasn’t really into doing it or talking to that thing… Prolly that was why it didn’t work.

That early morning, I decided to quit all those nonsense and back to business with the Immigration. Lucky me, my sister has an inside contact. So I could cut the queue and went in the office to meet her. I told her of my problem and she was very kind to help me. Even her secretary was so helpful.
I’ve got my photos, photostatted I/C, and even Photostatted of my missing passport ready. But I don’t have my birth cert with me. It’s in KL!! Scheisse!! So I had to go to Jabatan Pendaftaran to get a new birth cert. Luckily my birth was registered there so they managed to relocate the file and print out a new cert within half an hour. Impressive!

So I ran back to the Immigration, submitted the application form and get a letter for the missing passport. The lady who helped me was kind enough to apply for a new passport and Emergency Passport for me, and even gave me double journey pass to Australia and China.

While waiting for my passport to be ready, I called my agency to get the status of my Visa. I need to reapply for a new Visa since I will travel with a new passport. The girl at the agency said she never do any online Visa application with Emergency Passport before but she will try. If that is possible, I could save me time coz I could get the visa immediately with the online application and get the despatch boy of the agency to send it to my office. I can just grab it once I reach KL and I’ll be safe.

By 12.30pm, my Emergency Passport was ready!

The girl at the agency called me back to inform that online application cant be made with the emergency passport. I had to go to Australia Embassy myself. Darn! It was already 1pm!

I called the Embassy and was asked to call again at 1.30pm as phone enquiry will only be opened from 1.30pm to 3.30pm. I called my mom and told her that I’ve got my passport and will rush straight to KL to make Visa. She asked my brother to accompany me to KL, help me with the Visa and send me to KLIA. So I rushed back home to pick my brother up but he wasn’t home. Called him, he was at the bank to withdraw some money. Apparently my mom asked him to pay all the expenses coz kesian sgt nengok anak dia yg sorang nih dah struggle sangat. But I just couldn’t wait for him. Not even a minute. Time is precious. It was almost 2 and I needed to rush to the Embassy before it close at 5pm.

I called the Embassy again at 1.30pm and all I’ve got was “Oh, we actually open for public from 8.30am to 12pm. We have closed now.” I was like WHATTTT?
“But butttt my agent said you are closing at 5pm and I’m already on the way from JB. I’ll reach there at 4. Here’s the thing, I lost my passport and I just got a new one and it is really urgent for me to go to Sydney. My flight is tonight. Could anyone help me to get the Visa?” Yeahh.. more a less like that.
“Ok, I’ll find someone. Just call again once you reach here.”
And the line got cut off.
4pm???? Arghhhhh…..
It was already 2pm when I reached the Skudai Tollgate.
My fastest record was 2 and a half hour. 2 hours?? Gile impossible!!
Just keep my fingers crossed.. and step on those paddles
Hmmm not so bad..
Test power

Ok, I’ll stick to 160km/h
All the way, bebeh!

Any car got on my way, I beamed.
Kiasu? Refuse to change lane? It’s ok, I’ll change lane.
Road works? Only one lane opened? Emergency lane.. hey, i wasn't the only one. I followed the car in front of me.. seriously
It was an adrenaline chase and I reached the Sg Besi Tollgate – 4.07pm
Wohooo~! Made a new record!!

Right after the toll, I called the Embassy. The lady I was spoken to earlier in the afternoon answered the phone and asked if I could make it to the Embassy by 4.30pm.
“I’m not too sure. But I’ll try.”
“Ermm.. I don’t think that’s possible. It’s a bad traffic at Jln Tun Abdul Razak at times like this.”
“It’s ok.. I’ll make sure I reach there on time.”

Suddenly a Chinese driver of a white Hyundai car with Singapore plat no repeatedly honk me. He winded down his window and waved his thumb up.
And he shouted, “Wahhh, gooood!!! Good la you! Good!!”
I waved my hand and was like.. errr… yeah, thanks!
Man, was my driving THAT crazy? Coz I noticed the white Hyundai car went 160km/h along the Seremban highway but I was concentrating on my driving and cilok-mencilok game, I didn’t give much attention to the car after that.

Anyway, I parked my car and reached the entrance of the Australia Embassy at exactly 4.26pm. Made it on time, kewl! The name of the officer that I was supposed to meet is Stephanie. She personally greeted me at the entrance, let me in the staff office and opened the counter for me. Let me recall you guys that the counter closed at 12pm and she waited for me until 4.30pm. Remind me to ring her and blanja her coz she was so the very helpful and friendly. She even hugged me when she sent me off the entrance gate. Like dah kenal lama gitu! And she is just one day older than me (“,)

Quarter pass 5, I had my visa done.
But new problem has arised, my battery went dead!
I drove out, but I didn’t really sure what to do next. I stopped at Saloma and searched for a public phone and called some numbers I could recall. Luckly, a friend was having and appointment at Pelita KLCC and was about to go to KL Central to send his friend off. So, I left my car at Pelita and borrowed his phone to call MAS and inform them that I’m on the way and will be a bit late. I asked the operator to check in for me. I got in my fren's car and enjoyed the sensation of the air conditions. Letih sangat, kehhh!

I reached KLIA at almost 8pm. My flight was at 9pm. Good thing that they have checked in for me. I changed my ticket at MAS office, paid penalty fees and additional airport tax and checked in, only to find out that my Visa was not updated in the system yet. Arghh… Logic la kot coz baru je buat tadi.. itu pon after office hour. So I had to wait for another half a hour before I could board the plane.
Ouh, and another problem… No one knows that I managed to get everything settled, not even my family or colleague in Sydney coz I can’t find a plug to recharge my phone. Then I saw a plug near the boarding gate and I begged the security officer to let me recharge my mobile for 5 minutes coz I needed to inform somebody to pick me up at Sydney Airport.

I managed to sms my housemates – to help me bring my car home, and colleague in Sydney – to pick me up coz I don’t know the address of the office.
I called my mother and said that I managed to settle everything and I was already on board. I thanked her for all her help and said I love her (something that I rarely do).

I boarded on the plane, and rest in peace.. literally :-P

That was a whole lot of story for a day, wasn’t it?

Now, the pissing piece

I asked a somewhat suppose to be a close friend of mine to take the car home for me. I thought everything was fine until I received an sms last Friday from her bf saying
Hate to break the bad news to u. Tayar kete u pecah kat pelita. Maybe ada org cucuk pisau. Takleh nak selamat dah tayar tu. Kena tukar tayar baru.”

I txted him back and he never replied, then I txt the gf and some other friends to get the real story of what actually happened.
Then I got to know that she didn’t take my car, she asked a friend (let me call him Helper, tho I know he could be reading this as well) to take it instead… and it was 2 days after I parked it there! I think almost everybody knows that Pelita KLCC is a private compound, which means it’s a private parking and solely for the customers of the restaurant. It is not wise to park your car for too long there, or there’s a price to pay. And honestly kalau parking hari Selasa and Khamis baru nak amik, I’m not surprise to hear that tayar kete aku kena pecah coz obviously la the owner would be mad at me, and the car for the 2 days free parking. Itu pon cukup baik la die tak clamp and calarkan kete aku. Bodo shial!!

I admit that I might be guilty for memula cakap aku park kat Menara TM and leave the key to my officemate so that easier for you to take it from her. That was the initial plan. But if you read my journal of that one stressful day, I couldn’t possibly drive the car to the office during the peak hour or else I’ll miss my flight. That’s why I even cc-ed the sms to the other two friends so that in case if you can’t help me, those two has already been informed. But takkan la budak 2 ekor tu nak terkinja-kinja tolong aku when you said you’ll do it.

I had to send about 10 smses which cost me RM2 each and make at least 2 long distance calls to Malaysia just to get the real story. Kan dah menyusahkan idup aku!
Then I learnt that she let Helper who took my car to jaga my car as well, which means pakai kete aku sesuka ati tanpa bagitau aku. And she had the cheek to say “I’m too bz la sayang. Helper amikkan and jaga kete kau. :-)” Siap dgn smile tu tak tahan… Tak tau aku berapi je kat dalam ni.
Then I asked her back, why she let him use my car without informing me first.
Pastu minah ni leh lak angin ngan aku for asking her back.
I mean, wtf? I trusted the car to you and please la take some responsibility. Ini boleh biar je kete tu kat situ, didn’t even care to tell me that my tire has punctured and let other people use my car without informing me first. What kind of friend is that? Bende bukan seposen, dua posen nak sesukati kau je buat bodo. Bukan aa aku lokek sangat tak kasik pinjam kete tu kat beshfren bf kau. Aku bukan bini Haji Bakhil or kedekut tahi hidung masin cam kau tapi pliz la weiii.. Even if you don’t care to ask the permission pon, at least INFORM!! (if you don’t know the difference, one has question mark at the end of the sentence and the latter with fullstop). Itupon bf kau yg bgitau aku..few days after, that is.

Before I got back, I txt Helper and asked him to return my car coz I need to use it to work the following day. I wasn’t quite sure if he was still using it or not, just be safe. Not to forget, I thanked him for taking care of my car. That’s just the right thing to do, isn’t it?
I can’t get a sleep on the way back. I successfully watched 3 movies in a row – Intolerable Cruelty, Elizabethtown and Shopgirl (how boring could that be?). Then read a chapter of "He's just not that into You" by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tucillo (my colleague got it for AUD$4.95. Murah gile, good bargain fo a gigirl reader like her) and played with a baby on the plane. I reached home at almost midnite and I was so dead beat, but still couldn’t get any sleep. Had only about 3 hours sleep..

Woke up in the morning jet lag gile babeng and I had an important meeting with a grumpy old Aussie at 930am, but only to realize that my car had been clamped for parking at other people’s parking space! Damnnn!! I don’t blame Helper coz obviously he didn’t know my parking space and I STILL BLAME YOU FOR NOT TAKING RESPONSIBILITY ON MY FUCKING CAR!

Once everything is settled, I hopped on my car and noticed a sound “krrukkk kruukkk” from the left side of my car. Darn, must be the tire. Yep, it was!! Apparently it was 14' spare tire while I’m using 15' tire. So my car wasn’t balanced, a bit senget and therefore made that awful sound. And then I wonder, how could Helper drive my car around with that state? There’s even sort of note at the side the the spare tire sayin “For temporary use only”. Why, are you blind? Can’t you read that? It wasn’t stamped there for fun, my friend. Just for the record, that’s the only expensive thing that I own and I worked my ass off to buy the car, TQ.

Babe, all I asked for is to drive the car back from Pelita to Bayu Puteri and park it safely there. That’s it. I’m sorry if that’s too much to ask for. But with all the trouble that I had to go through with additional headache I got just to ask a favor from a friend doesn’t seem worth it. Tayar kete pecah, kete kena clamp, and if kete tu rosak ke accident ke ape sume aku la jugak yang tanggung. Therefore, I have every right to get mad when it is being abused.

The thing is, when I asked the favor from her, she even said, “Ok, no problem. Have a safe trip.” My dear, if u can’t do the favor, just tell la. Jangan la bagi hope camtu. I’m not gonna diss you and end our relationship or whatsoever just because you are too busy with duniawi to help a lousy friend like me. But accepting the responsibility and breaking the trust without feeling guilty about it is not something a true friend would do. Aku tau la ko bz sangat carik duit, and nothing else in the world matters to you, but please la take some responsibility when you said you would. Even if you refuse, I don’t care.. really. Coz I know I have other friends that I can count on and are more than willing to help me…(if any of you who are willing to be my true friend, please raise up your hand and put your name in the comment so that I can put u in my SOS contact list, TQ).

I know there are some watak-watak tambahan dalam ini wayang gambar that could be indirectly terkena tempias air liur aku but I’m not mad at you guys. I’m only pissed with one person, and if you are the watak tambahan, you know who that one person is. And since that person is not you, please don’t be emo. This babe, she doesn't know the existence of my blog but if she finds out from anybody else, i don't give a damn. And for the record, this is not the only thing that I mad about. She has been getting on my nerve for the last couple of days... I might burst it to her even before the news break.

But the only thing is, as my mate put it, "U mengamuk? Camne u nak mengamuk? Boleh ke? Meh practice sket!"

Monday, February 06, 2006

What would you do?

What would you do...
...when everything that you plan fails?
...when everything falls into different places?
...when you encounter one disaster after another?
...when your hope dies?
...when your dream shattered?

I'll be gone for a while...
See you soon.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Catch 22

"Don't wait for me. I've got a lot to do. I've got a lot to be. And in the end, maybe I'll see you again.."

Day in, day out
It's not that bad
I'm worried, I'm worried
Never have to worry again
Never be.. never be alone...

:: catch22 ::

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

My beautiful disaster

Meet my baby...

Name: Jigzy Pink Fit
Nickname: Pinky lady -->manja name: mybaby (",)
I/C No: BHX 9116
Race: Honda Fit
Date of Birth: Dec 05 (recarnation in Malaysia)
Place of Birth: Japan
First met: Love at first sight - August 2004 One Utama Foyer (actually it was her twin sister, Jazz which was on display)
First introduced: June 2005
First date: Dec 2005

She's my darling baby..
She's worth the wait
She's worth the pain

Coz she never whine and complaint
Coz she never can lie to me
Coz she never cheat on me (coz the key to her engine is wit me alwayss)
Coz she never hurt me (hurt my pocket tho!)
no matter how many times i hurt her (jigz the reckless driver vroomm vrooommm!!)

For good times and bad times
I know she'll always be with me

Who says love don't cost a thing?

Monday, January 09, 2006

Mengetuk kepala monyets

Dah 3 hari aku tolerate dengan radio bodo kete aku yang hanya boleh dapat station 2 station melayu RTM, 1 station cina n 1 station tahpehape.
Pastu station Melayu die cam sampah, aku lebih rela membebel sensorang dr menanggung seksa dengar lagu karat.
Pastu aku lagi pelik...
Pejadahnye Raya Haji pon radio main lagu raya?

Imma goin back to JB tonite for ketupat raya nyum nyum nyummm
Bringing my darling baby home to introduce to my family.
Nebes + excited, awwwww!!
Hopefully those monyets (my sis & bro) tak banyak komplen..kang aku sekeh kepala sekor2.

Anyway, Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha frens...
Tadi ada minah salam aku dan ucapkan "Selamat Hari Raya".
Iskk... feel raya ke ape ni?