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Friday, June 29, 2007

Where's Homer ?

Homer was kidnapped - during his visit to Malaysia!
Who would have dare to pull off something like that?
Sick! But nice one bro!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fuckin a Cigarette anyone?

A friend sent this image to me with the title, "How to stop women from smoking"
Alerr... gile salah statement tu.

Kenapa pompuan takkan berenti dengan adanya rokok ni:

  1. Bleh isap byk2 kali tanpa rasa bersalah.

  2. Cool ape?

  3. It's an IN thing.

  4. Leh challenge org laki jadik perokok + pervert.

  5. Bleh isap kat public tanpa kena tangkap.

  6. Scenario: After a memancing session kat disko, "So, do you wanna come over to my place afterwards?" (which by the way, he meant "let's go and have sex" in case if u r lurus bendul), minah tu dengan penuh bangga dan angkuh kuarkan kotak rokok, amikkan sebatang and say "It's ok, I've already got a companion". Tsskkkk...!!

  7. Dosa ringan vs dosa berat.

  8. Anywhere, anytime.

  9. Can leave a guy to his imagination and desperation.

  10. Kompem takde STDs.

  11. Slamber leh pakai buang.

  12. Bleh jadik high-class bohsia... like, "eleh, stakat rokok biasa ape class... rokok gua lagi cara beb"
Kenapa org laki kompem berenti:

Macam takyah list out byk2 aa... Ask yourself la guys, sanggup ke if orang nampak ko isap mende tu kat public? Sanggup?
Well, unless if you are a proud-fuckin-gay!

Hence, "How to stop men from smoking" is more appropriate.

please please please someone hypnotize me into loving my job

btw, berat badan gua dah naik 1 kg from last week
makan lagi makan makan makannnn sampai gemuksss

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Monday, June 11, 2007

the whole nine yards

I don't think I'm having PMS, as my menstrual cycle just completed its course yesterday.
But I cried. I was listening to "What Hurts the Most" by Monica and I cried.
Oh boy, I miss him. And it hurts.
I can't believe after so long i am missing him still.

It could have been our 96, and it could be our 9th since the 1st date.

There are things that i regret of doing in my life.
Breaking up with him is one of it.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


I've just uploaded an official website for Drivemocion. Check it out here.
I'd say pretty ok for over-the-weekend work.
Temporary je... bila ada masa nanti saya buat la better sket ok kwn2.

Btw, Drivemocion is a cool car signage with messages and emocions (“smileys”) which drivers can use to communicate with other drivers.
Girls, i think it's a good news to y'all... Now everybody can have 5 seconds of flirt without much of an effort to look pretty behind the wheels ;-)

Check out its first ever review in News Straits Times here.
"You have smileys on your computer and on your phone. Now prepare to use them on your car"
Kinda like that tag!

Monday, June 04, 2007

The Oxtail Soup

I said, this could be a perfect day for me. Sleep in.. Movie marathon.. Cool, rainy day... Pastu pekena sup ekor panas.. Beshnyeer!!!

And a guy laughed like I just made a perverted joke.

We went to Jalan Doraisamy as Ayu and I wanted to accomplish the perfect-day mission.
Sup ekor panas dalam periuk besar kat warung sorong blakang lorong, dipped with slices of bread, traditionally baked in a charcoal oven. I call it Soup the Hard Rock Sg Segget style.
I ordered the ox tail soup and seek approval from Babathe who introduced me to the joint.
The Indian hawker gave me a strange look. So as the elderly Malay couple who sat next to me... apparently because I said "Ok tak babat, ok tak ni, ok tak?" enthusiastically when I ordered the soup.

Then the guy gave dat stupid laugh again...

I was seeking for the opinion on the taste of the soup, not how the aphrodisiac substance can do to my estrogen level la, you all freaking perverts!

It was the picture perfect, the whole scenario... and the soup.
And people's perception of it.