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Monday, July 25, 2005

A Series of Unfortunate Events

I was fooled by a stupid marketing scheme. Arghhh!! Actually i wasn't a believer pon, but because dis fren of mine sgt excited coz die dapat bukak coupon cabutan bertuah yang membuatkan die dapat peluang dpt Perdana v6/motosikal/some electrical appliances while i pulled out 3 coupons and all i've got was "Terima Kasih" note. But in order to get one of those big prizes, we had to spend RM2,950 for 3 "sure-get-one" electrical appliances. So we got this crazy idea of "why not? Just give it a shot" and that was the stupidest and costliest keje gile i'd ever did. Inilah padahnye terlalu melayan kawan sangat.. shishhhh!! Needless to say, maka dengan itu terbanglah duit aku secara buta-buta. Apa aku dapat?

  1. Foot massager
  2. Home theater system
  3. Sewing machine
  4. A huge so called computerized cooking place (entahlah tak reti nak define bendenye. Nengok skali, bwk balik dan haram tanak nengok lagi coz sakit ati)

Then we went back home sakit kepala mana nak jual mende2 nih and get back our money. Cam byk sgt duit je nak main lawak camnih.. Huksss sgt sedih dengan kebodohan sendiri.

p/s: anyone wants any of these, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Remote alarm control of my car went dead. Great, just great!! i dont even have a spare key/alarm. I was already late nak masuk keje balik.. dah la cabut lunch time tu.. cam prasan terror, i unlocked my car manually with the car key and the alarm went histerical! I quickly looked for a button under the dashboard to disable the alarm. Walaubagaimana pun saya tidak menjumpainya lalu saya buka hood kereta dan mencabut wayar di hadapan. Siren pon terpadam. Akan tetapi lampu kereta saya tidak berhenti-henti blinking. Hukkksss.. camne nihss?!
So i went to a service center and asked them to fix the problem.
The mechanic advised me to replace the motor. Hell no way man. It probably only the remote control problem and he fooled me to replace everything. And the mechanic left the whole thing on the floor without even fixing it back!

I was so sleepy today due to a late nite hang-out. I was semi concious while driving to work and bangggggg!! I hit a car! Demmit!! The accident wasn't the worst part. Hitting a wrong car - whose the owner of the car is a nyonya yang kechoh and kiasu, that is. Calar sket dah kecoh mintak ganti bumper baru. "Hey, this is an Altis, u know" shut up u fool! I know wat car it is and like i'm so impressed? Cmon, get a life!! As if la i'm driving a kancil, i cannot pay u. Take the money, paint ur bumper and shut up! Malas aku nak layan. Tapi malangnya, wise of me to give her my business card. And there she goes... calling me and pastering me to get her bumper replaced immediately and she needs a rental car coz sending her car for a repair means she aint got no car to go to work. Wtf?

Coz i'm not so used to lock my car manually, i accidently left my car key in the car. Bijak, bijak!! Since i was late to office (again!) so like lantak la, lunchtime kang baru pikir.
Later at lunchtime, i asked the pak guard to help me and he said, "Ohh, ini ketat sangat ni, susah nak buat.. tak boleh ni" Buzz off u bozo.. Let me handle it. Hangin betul ngan pak guard yang tak kesiankan aku dan takde kejantanan langsung. Within 10 mins i managed to unlock my car with a long ruler. Nasib baik aku terror! huhuu...

Seriously i couldn't remember what happened to me on dis day.. I passed out!

And i miss him like shit...

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Sweat & Tears finally paid off... ermm sorf of

Friendster Horoscope for July 20, 2005
Pisces (Feb 19 - Mar 20

The Bottom Line
The group gets lost, sometimes. So it's time for you to take over as leader.

In Detail
Ever see the movie 'Pay It Forward'? It's about a little boy who decides that paying back isn't the right way to go, and that paying in advance for kindnesses is better. That's the way you live your life, and although you'd never call in a favor, no matter how many you've done for someone, a bit of TLC you've issued in the past will suddenly come back to you. Smile, say thank you, and decide who to pass the good feelings on to next.

The energy meters
Money: 5/5
Love: 3/5
Attitude: 4/5

The bottom line, that is so true...
Alhamdulillah, i just got promoted (to be exact, worked my ass off!) as a DM, which is one hell of an achievement that i could not define whether i luv or loathe it. Of course, I luv all the recognitions, exclusive treatments, celebrations, respects.. But really, it's not about the glits and glams but my main objective is to help my friends and be successful together. The achievement does not mean that i can sit and relax but it comes with higher responsibilities, and "pay it forward" is what i promised my SSPs. Sweat and tears, i'm gonna make it happen, together with my dear frens.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

It's 18:17 and I want to go back

Holding me all night long,
Cuddling tight, to our song.
You look at me with such desire,
Your passion burns hot as fire.

I want to see, I want to believe,
I want to ignore thoughts that deceive.
When you hold me tight and I get lost in a kiss...
I know I can love you... much better than this.

You're getting half, but deserve my all,
But I can't let go, afraid to fall.
I tell myself, "It's better this way,"
My heart, protected, no pain to pay.

I would be the one to fall
If I let go, and broke the wall.
Your face so sweet and so sincere,
My heart craves to hold you near.

But past mistakes haunt each day,
I tell myself, "It's better this way."
An open heart I lack and miss,
'Cuz I know I can love you much better than this.

When you feel the pain and start to cry,
I sit alone and wonder, "Why?"
Why the tears, can't you see?
I'm not crying, nope, not me.

Don't be so emotional, it opens doors,
It causes battles, emotional wars.
Sometimes I feel it, when unaware,
Strong sensations, to really care.

When you drop to your knees from misery's bliss,
I know I can love you... much better than this...
But I tell myself... "It's better this way."