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Friday, September 08, 2006

I've been suffering from a severe back pain for more than a week. At first i thought it was just muscle cramp as i did not warm up before my futsal game last Tuesday. The very next day stomach ache kicking in. "Maybe I'm having period cramp," i thought. Day after day, it turned from bad to worse. The sharp, stabbing pain didn't permit me to do even a slight movement.. I found it really painful to walk, sit, or even talk. Friday, i was down with fever. It couldn't be period pain coz i've never experienced any serious monthly cramp before, at least not this bad. Only on Monday when he asked me, "U ada jatuh ke?" Only then i realized that that i once, fell on my butt while playing futsal last Tuesday.

So i went to a clinic last Tuesday.
What did the doctor say?
Could it be just a mere period pain?
Could it be a severe back pain?
Or a slipped disk?

I was asked to take a urine test.
And waddaya know?
I have kidney infection

:( Saya sangat sedey...

Therefore, my new health resolution :

  1. Kurangkan minum teh tarik dan sekaligus mengurangkan revenue mamak
  2. Minum air putih banyak banyak banyak
  3. Tanak tahan-tahan kencing lagi