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Friday, July 27, 2007

GTD - Giggly Transmitted Disease

What is GTD?
Giggly Transmitted Disease (GTD) is the name of a condition in a person where the normal balance of laugh is disrupted and replaced by a certain donkey sound at the end of the laugh. It is sometimes accompanied by discharge of eeikk eikk, kikikiki, oukk oukk oukkk, or any high pitch weird sound.

How common is GTD?
Very common. It can lasts all day, with the right partner.

How do people get GTD?
The cause of GTD is not fully understood. GTD is associated with an imbalance in the laugh that are normally found in a joke transmission. The continuous jokes normally contain mostly "good" jokes, and "harmful" jokes. GTD develops when there is an increase virus in jokes and can prolonged even when jokes end.

Not much is known about how people get GTD. There are many unanswered questions about the role that jokes play in causing GTD. Any person can get GTD. However, some activities or behaviors can upset the normal balance of laugh and put a person at increased risk including:

  • Having a new giggle partner or multiple giggle partners,
  • Hanging out with brain damaged people, and
  • Indulging in any device of pleasure (DOP) such as alcohol or weed (though it is not recommended).

It is not clear what role giggly activity plays in the development of GTD. GTD can't be transmitted through thin air. People do not get GTD from toilet seats, bedding, swimming pools, or from touching people with GTD. People who are cranky and take life seriously are rarely affected. It can only be affected through joke intercourse. The risk is higher when the partner/s share the same wavelength.

What are the signs and symptoms of GTD?

A person with GTD may has an abnormal high pitch sound discharge with an unpleasant laugh. Some people report a strong donkey-like sound, especially at the end of the laugh. The discharge, if present, can be irritating for other people that are blur and don't share the same wavelength, and even to the surrounding when the GTD-infected people can't control the joke intercourse. Some people with GTD sometimes don't even notice any signs or symptoms at all until they have itching stomach, or other people start giving weird look.

What are the complications of GTD?

In most cases, GTD causes no complications. But there are some serious risks from GTD including:

  • Having GTD can increase a person's susceptibility to look stupid.

  • Having GTD while working may put a person in the risk of being called a psychotic for laughing with the computer.
  • Having GTD increases the chances to pass the infection to their other partner, or partners if more.

  • Having GTD has been associated with an increase in the brain numbness following psychological procedures such as a hysteria or an brain damage.

  • Having GTD while pregnancy may put a woman at increased risk for some complications of pregnancy.

How can GTD be prevented?

GTD is not completely understood by scientists, and the best ways to prevent it are unknown. However, it is known that GTD is associated with having an abnormal lepak partner or having multiple partners. It is seldom found in a person who is anti-social, or a serious bitch.

The following basic prevention steps can help reduce the risk of upsetting the natural balance of laugh and developing GTD:

  • Be abstinent.

  • Limit the number of lepakking partners.

  • Disconnect all communication to the world.

  • Use all of the medicine prescribed for treatment of GTD, even if the signs and symptoms go away.

  • Be sengal and blur (but that increase the risk getting GTD of other partners).

What is the treatment for GTD?

Although GTD will sometimes clear up without treatment, all people with symptoms of GTD should be treated to avoid the risk of being labelled as psychotic. In order to treat a person with GTD, his/her partners generally need to be treated too. Effectively, separate them apart for a period of time. However, this could lead to a side effect of loneliness and depression, and probably end up as a cranky old man/woman.

Two different antibiotics are said to numb GTD: work pressure or bad news. The antibiotics can be given to the patient simultaneously, but the recommended dosages differ.

Take note that GTD can recur after treatment.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

life is just funny like dat.

i giggled alot today...
i laugh at nothing n everything n tahpehape.
i'm like, feakin' stoned and fuckin' drunk but sober.
life is just funny like dat.

u know, there are times of sakit, of tears, of laughter, or heartache, of stress, of joy, of play, of hate, of bad hairdays (??!!), of sangap, of party, of bongok... those are pieces of life.
just walk thru it all. it's gonna be ok. i'm gonna be all right.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

28th crap

sakit pale sakit perut sakit tulang sakit otak sakit hati

sangat letih
sangat kecewa
sangat sedey :(

oh, crap!
kenapa la pompuan kena mengharungi detik-detik high and low of emotions setiap bulan?
Is losing a can of blood not enough?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hidup ini penuh dengan crap

Pagi ini saya bangun tido dengan takde mood utk pergi keje.
Hari ini bukan Monday so bukan la monday blues kan?
Hari ini Tuesday tapi mana ada tueday blues kan?
Tapi saya sungguh rasa blues hari ini.

So saya fikir saya kena betulkan mood saya hari ini.
Saya bangun sangat pagi hari ini dan saya pilih untuk pakai baju yang sangat cantik sekali.
Saya pakai baju kebaya nyonya warna hijau daun pisang berkerawang bunga ros kaler pink, dipadankan dengan pants warna off-white.
Ramai orang di ofis puji saya kerana saya kelihatan begitu cantik hari ini.
Macam tak percaya je ada orang cakap "You look gorgeous today." Bukan tak pernah orang puji saya, tapi kakak yang puji saya itu amat garang. Dia suka marah orang... jarang puji orang. So patut la kan saya bangga? Ada pulak tiba-tiba orang cakap kasut saya cantik. hampir tiap-tiap hari saya pakai kasut tu, tapi arini je ke kasut tu nampak cantik? Tapi tak kisah la kan. Mungkin dia tak sampai hati nak cakap saya yang cantik hari ni (huhuu jahatnyer!!)

Tapi saya tetap emo hari ini.
Orang kata pakaian boleh mempengaruhi mood seseorang.
Orang kata compliments pon boleh menceriakan hari seseorang.
Tapi kenapa saya tetap takde mood harini?
Tipu la sape yang cakap camtu...

Pastu saya chat dengan kawan saya. Nama dia kyra. Dia dekat langkawi sekarang. Dia cakap dia nak bagi saya coklat banyak-banyak.
Yeayyy yeayyyyyyyyy!! Hepinyer saya.
Sayangggggg Kyra, dia tau camne nak hepikan saya.
Nasib baik dia pompuan dan saya bukan lesbian. Kalau tak lama dah saya cium-cium dia banyak-banyak kali sampai dia rimas, macam saya cium Adam Iman.

Tapi kegembiraan itu hanya seketika cuma... pasal tak sampai setengah jam lepas tu, saya dapat bad news lain pulak. Potong gile...
Sedih balik :(

Monday, July 02, 2007

The eye orientation

I had an interview with Group Brand Management.
I was wearing a suit that day.
A friend asked me, "Are you gonna wear that to the interview?"
"Yes, tak ok ke?"
"Branding kan? Pakai bra je la!"
"Siot jer!!"

As I stepped in the Senior Manager's office...
wow, she was gorgeous i tell u she looked like Gloria Estefan.

She was wearing a purple v-line low cut blouse ala gloria in the pic, with black big buckle belt and a pair of matching skirt....
Gile MILF wehhhh!!!

I sat down in front of her.
My eye level was at her long sexy neck.
I had a hard time adjusting my eyes to tilt up
.... or down.

Tiba-tiba macam nak tergelak...
Aku yang pompuan pon rasa she was alluring
Imagine la, kalo laki yang gi interview ni camne eh?
Memang tak jadik keje la kan...