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Friday, March 25, 2005

Wishlist updated v2

My wishlist:

1. A PDA
2. New purse
3. New handphone
4. A digital SLR-like camera with >10x optical zoom
5. New sunglasses (preferably identical to my beloved sunglasses that my mom accidently flushed down the toilet :( )
6. A holiday with my new camera and sunglasses!! yeeehhhaa!!

Trackback wishlist updated v1

Skip 4 & 5 - I'm jumping to no 6.
I'm glad to announce that now i have almost enough fund to go to China & Egypt next year. Alhmadulillah..
My next target is to increase the fund to support my mom. She always wanted to go to China.. Hopefully i can bring my sister along ;-)
No 4 and 5 became minor priorities now..
I have another special gift for my parents.. my target : 2006

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Nicest thing...

I'm adding a year to my life calendar today. It feel so good, i feel like it's the best special day ever.. and the day is not over yet.
Things are alot more sweeter when you dont have any expectation. It will just fly in your window. It's not about gifts and fancy restaurants and all those bling bling..
It's the thoughts and sincere effort that comes a long way..

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Heat off

Sometimes it's just frustrating when I'm disappointed or pissed off with sum ppl, I just do not know how to express my frustration directly to em. And when i try to keep it within, it'll just blow off sumwhere else and totally make a mess out of my life. Moment of catastrophy. Hate the person to bit.. well only for that moment.

Things would be much easier if i can just close my eyes and tell em off and slam the door. But no.. i just choose to mess with my head until it get cleared off on its own.
And the worse part is.. the person doesnt even have a clue!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Why people need to change?
Why do we need to grow up?
Why growing up packaged with tons of responsibilities?
And why are there expectations that we need to live up to while climbing the stairs of life?
If we are not ready to face the expectation now, will we be ready tomorrow or even in a zillion years?

These few days i've been doing serious thinking of my life. I think i want to shift course.
At this point of time, I am still uncertain if i'm doing the right thing.. Probably the right thing for some people but my job doesn't excite me. My life doesn't excite me that much as well.

Yeah... You have a conflict when you know exactly what you want in life and you are not going toward the direction.
U know you have a conflict when u know for a fact that u need to do some dramatic changes in your life but u are too afraid of the consequences.
My hunch is that there are a lot of people like me--people who always felt called toward a certain type of career or goal in life, but who wound up grabbing the first safety rope that appeared. You can definitely climb that rope pretty high, and even make lots of money and have an impressive-sounding job title. But it's no key to satisfaction because you can never escape what you know inside: that there's something else you'd rather be doing, if only you had the courage and the opportunity to do it.

They say if you don't love what you do and look forward to doing it, that means you are condemning yourself to a life of discontent.
Hey dude, it's not as easy as it seem. Just because I don't like what I do now, does not mean I can quit the whole thing right now and shift away. This literally means i voluntarily send myself to a death sentence! I still have mouths to feed. Yup, my own and those little kitties!

Friday, March 11, 2005


Hullo frens,

Been awhile since i last update this blog. Been busy with my sister's wedding (last weekend). Not to mention the workload that i left behind. The price to pay for a week break!

I've got a meeting to catch.. chow~!